An old retired couple from Calcutta, in a never ending futile wait for their son Ripon who went to USA for studies. With a promise made by Ripon to meet them for a vacation at an undisclosed location which never saw light of the day. They made it a ritual every summer to set off for an undisclosed location with a hope to see him come to them. Their insanity has to stop, they must grace the truth that Ripon has made it to never see them again.

calcutta blues book


Life is beyond what we think sometimes. What if you've been waiting for someone who is not going to turn up ever. And what if you come to know about Deepnita, a middle aged girl who still writes letters to her deceased husband. Suffering from alzheimer will she ever come to know about this?

Story of Meera who plans to escape from brothel, she succeeded but when she goes outside she faces a bitter and ugly truth of outer world.