• Manish Biswas

A silent Sunday in Delhi

How this world begins every day? With a cuckoo's melody? With a parrot's whistle?

With ringing bell of the temple? With an azan in the mosque? With a scooter-honk? or maybe with a car juddering on the road- going towards the west?

The first thing we hear with our sleepy ears perhaps what makes us believe that everything around us is alive. Surprisingly true.

But not today. The only thing I could hear today while opening my semi glued eyes was the speed of the moving fan. Rest all was silent. Roads, shops, courts, cars, you and me.

The years I have been growing older in this city, one idea deepens inside me and that is to fight with daily chaos to sustain, to progress. I may not know but it has become a routine I can't escape from. I say it or not but this chaos has become a part of my life, deeply injected in my blood in a way perhaps which has overpowered my human roots. And with this, I don't know about many things I left behind. The TV shows I stupidly watched over and over, tea with my mom and a news discussion with my dad. The joy of being together left me silently because I allowed them to leave. And I feel preparing myself for a never-ending race was more important than the things I enjoyed in my past. Unusual but this pleasant silence compelled me to think what am I up to? What are you up to? what are we all up to?

Corona is surely a pandemic but when I peer inside I found I am already afflicted to bigger pandemics those which is probably killing me every day.Am I not? Are You not? Are we not?

I don't know but when I woke up today, I feel Corona has given us a chance to take a detour from our toxic routine lives wherein we can watch TV shows stupidly, again and again, can have a tea with our moms, can bring out our old things which we may have not seen in a while and can a have a discussion with our dad. And finally can feel more human rather than feeling a Muslim or a Hindu.

I somewhere know that we have to go back to the lives we have been living so far but again this is one golden chance to do what we have not been doing for years and that is caring for all.

This is not just my story but the story of every one roving in the void.