• Manish Biswas

Live Your Dream

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

"Don't let that idea die ever inside you, the idea kept you alive for so long."

Once upon a time I heard a story of Chanakya who was excellent in music in his childhood. Despite of being a child he was learning music quite fast. He got initial fame. He was impressive beyond someone could ever think of. His guruji often praised his unconditional love for music. And everyone knew he was going to be great in the music world. But at the age of 12 his father asked him to focus on his studies who wanted him to be a doctor. He had to quit music soon. Initially it hurt him the most but eventually he recovered. His father was pleased to see his son choosing medical science over music, obviously it was a brave decision and even his father said "you have taken a wise decision and I am proud of you." Chankya became a great doctor and than greatest in the country. He lived a successful life and the day when he got retired a media person asked him "sir, how do you feel reaching here, a great medical career?"

Chankya replied "unfortunately I couldn't be a musician," and left the stage.

You know why we call our desires a dream? Because the idea which you want to live asks more than the regular efforts, something more you are not willing to do. But remember if you feed the idea continuously it pays you off more than you could ever think of.

It is not easy to keep your dream alive. Absolutely not easy to go against your loved ones. But the point is not doing something you wanted always, may be with logical reasons and then regretting the whole life, telling yourself if you had shown some courage about it life would have been the same you had dreamt always.

Sometimes we get the opportunity and sometimes we create. Definitely the second one is more effective when it comes to living and then fighting for your dream. Nothing comes for free but if you are ready to pay through your constant efforts and hard works, no one can stop.

How many times does it happen that you look to someone successful and wish yourself to be there. Honestly we all wants to live other's successful life but not ever observe the time he actually took to be there.

A bitter truth, in your way to success, mostly you will be questioned and will be treated as a laughable object. The crowd around you will ridicule you. But the day you will start achieving your goals the same crowd will applause you.

Failures and the achievers have only one difference and that is- "failure just doesn't try the one last time."

Keep on walking against the wind, keep on dreaming with your open eyes, think yourself where you always want to be and then the coming day is yours. Never give up for your dreams.