• Manish Biswas

Quarantale- The Boys Hostel

Updated: Apr 5

MotherFaqar! The most polite welcome salutation you can witness in a boys hostel. A place where kids grow as man, enlighten themselves with the darkest secrets of Kamasutra along with the binary coding. A place where keyboards are mostly used for playing counter strike and computers for hiding pornography. The first place which lets you know about Linkin park and Greenday. A place where once you enter you have to go through the naming ceremony again. Lalit becomes Lula, Pritam becomes Puttan, Tarun becomes Tharki and Manas becomes a monk. And the only place on earth where beauty can be explained in terms of electronics. The day you hold the first-ever peg of Old Monk, you realize that the commitment, once you'd made to your mum for being the most sincere was the most unrealistic thing you could ever do in your life. You slowly realize the difference between facts and commitments. You never learn to succeed here but you learn how to survive even after getting failures. You don't learn here how to keep the mess away but you learn to clear the mess. You don't learn how to save money but you learn how to spend it. You don't learn here about hiding rejections but you learn to celebrate them. You sign a lifetime bond with few jerks who make you feel the king of this world every time you sponsor butter chicken and a can of beer. Your love proposals may or may not be accepted here but you always remain "Dude" for your boys...