• Manish Biswas

Quarantales- A new cubicle

Everything which is gone seems the most beautiful thing ever happened to you- a fact. Your school. Your college. Your crush. And your previous cubicle- your own small territory in the gleaming offices. Cubicle, which accepts you before anybody else could in your office without knowing about your complexion of heart. A perfect comrade, witnesses lows and the highs of your career progression. A place where you pin your emotions to make it another home. Somewhere you snigger in the lighter moments and keep your coffee mugs as long as you want, unwashed. Somewhere you enjoy fun Fridays and a place where you don't hesitate to put your head down in frustrations. Only through these cubicles, you learn the many moods of offices. Appreciation, rejection, emulation, love, hatred and much more. Slowly and unconsciously, you get attached to it. But the irony is you never observe this attachment until you leave it, forever. And perhaps I am going through the same emotion while unpinning my pictures today, making its walls bleak. Taking my coffee mug in the pantry to wash it after long. I know, tomorrow somebody else would come and arrogate my cubicle, as it was never a part of mine but what I wonder that will it accept him the way it did to me. Will it never miss me the way I will? Mayor may not be. But it will remain in my memories throughout even when I'm shifting to a new place, to a new cubicle.. From an old diary

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