• Manish Biswas

Quarantales- Kite and Pigeon

Updated: Mar 26

A mild sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds, cool breeze drenched in the last rain we had and the cleanest sky in years I haven't seen, that's how descriptive the evening is. Life seems lifted up from roads to roofs, from cars to balconies and from offices to homes. And with these humming lives, few kites started taking off from the roofs and slowly reaching to the point where they belong to-the sky along with a bunch of pigeons who have already established their sovereignty in the sky. Kites and pigeons. Pigeons and kites-A tug-of-war game begins between the two. Interesting to watch. If kites are showing their skill with a quick dive as if they would sink and coming up more high, then the pigeons are flying in a circle with a discipline. If kites are high then pigeons are higher. Not easy to judge who is best skilled and who would win? Both equally claim to have the sky. Who so ever wins but I like the way many eyes from their balconies watching this game and witnessing a life we have never seen in decades. And Now when Sun is almost tired and ready to give up in the deepest sky, people are still holding their empty cups chatting in their lighter moods. Lights in the high rise buildings are getting visible now. Few of the kites have started to land in their roofs, pigeons are set to go back homes and I am still feeling the comfort of breeze on my face. -From an Old Diary

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