• Manish Biswas

Quarantales- The Beautiful BreakUp

To, The many hearts who have fallen in love, broken and finally survived. And To the many hearts who have fallen in love, broken and sank. Love. Forever type of commitments. Dreams. And then break up. But the break up wasn't in the plan though. Maybe that's why breakups are harder. And surviving through breakups, the hardest. Healing takes time. How much? Sometimes the whole of your life. Depends. But one or the other day you would heal. That's for sure. The one who has gone is gone. But the one who is gone has created a vacuum behind. Created an undifferentiated emptiness. That's painful. And how painful? So much that thousand of needles have been poached in you suddenly. Nothing comforts you. The many dreams you had, broken into pieces like you. But you know break up exist since the day love was born. So chill, its nothing new. And honestly, Love is actually a future projection of a breakup. So again chill. The point is can the breakups be beautiful? Like so far the love has been. I mean why so much of hue and cry. Lets cry once because you possess a beautiful heart. Lets smile twice because there are other things to live for. Lets laugh three times because you had a wonderful time with your ex and you've finally accepted the way it is. Allow your ex to go. Allow yourself to walk alone for some time. There is nothing beautiful than seeing yourself smiling in the odds. Save your memories for the future. Its a long journey and you would need them. You may or may not fall in love again, but if you do plan your break up. They could be more beautiful. And finally what Ghalib says once so rightly- दिल ही तो है न संग-ओ-ख़ीश्त दर्द से भर न आये क्यूँ रोयेंगे हम हज़ार बार कोई हमें सताये क्यूँ