• Manish Biswas

Quarantales- The Ghost

Eat-Sleep-Write-Repeat 48 hours have gone by. And the many times I looked at the clock I found needles are jammed at some point.No movement at all. And then suddenly it broke my illusion. It's still working.Tik-Tik. And interestingly other than this pendulum swing what I found in my room today is a Ghost wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, browsing Netflix the whole day. What else can you expect in an imposed isolation environment? First I thought I am the lone one who is isolated inside this room, counting the mini squares carved over the floor tiles but no he is with me. Sometimes I silently watch him snoring and sometimes he saw me shuffling into bogus mobile apps. We both have felt a strong connection somehow. When I took a bite of my meal keeping my legs crossed on my bed he did the same in front of me. When I held my glass he also held it the way I did as if he's enjoying teasing me. But then I didn't mind. After all, where will he go? Outside is fearful. But out of curiosity, I wanted to ask him How's this ghost life? Does this life has the same challenges as we have? Just wanted to know this. I may have to live like him someday or maybe the day is not too far away. At least I would get a clue how it can be and I will prepare myself. But before I could ask anything I think he has understood my question and with a sarcastic smile he answered- challenges? you made the challenges by yourself. See humans where have you brought this world today- in an imposed isolation.

I looked in the 5 ft long mirror and I observed the ghost was still smiling at me.